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here you'll find some handy guides on a variety of taxidermy related subjects, from form positions to proper field prep. our goal is to provide you with as much information as possible! we want to help you make the right decisions, every time! 

a guide to whitetail shoulder mounts

this handy chart shows the wide range of whitetail shoulder mounts. 

in the bottom left hand corner you will see the four main shoulder mount positions. 

upright / semi-upright / semi-sneak / full sneak

Each position comes in left and right turns and a variety of head positions

if you have a particular spot in your home, lodge or cabin picked out its important to let us know! for example, if its going to be above eight feet perhaps having the head dropped down slightly would produce a superior display!

these positions apply to most cervidae (deer, Caribou, Elk, Moose)

IMPORTANT: the turn is the animals turn - not you facing the animal. a semi-sneak right turn will have the mount coming out of the wall looking to the animals right. this is one of the most common taxidermy mistakes !!

a guide to caping whitetail deer 

follow these steps to cape out your prized white tail deer. 

this process is essentially the same for all shoulder mounted animals

caution: when gutting the animal do not slice up the rib cage (brisket) 

IMPORTANT: always leave more - it is not worth risking and always best to take adequate extra hide.


Step 1

step 2


step 4

Step 1:

step 2:

cut around the animal's midsection, half way between front and rear legs. do not cut up rib cage !!


step 3

cut around the legs a few inches beneath the elbow joint

step 3:

on each front leg, make a cut between the elbow and midsection cut; on the underside. 

step 4:

carefully peel the hide from the rear towards the head. Once the neck is fully exposed make a cut between neck and skull to release the head and cape from the carcass. 

step 5:

wrap the cape up as best you can and double bag it. label your bag with your full name, address, date of harvest and most importantly license and tag numbers.

get it frozen or call us to arrange drop off/pick up asap

how to skin a black bear
w/ steven rinella and paul neess

How to cape a whitetail deer for a shoulder mount 
w/ keith warren

how to skin a coyote (works with all small game)
w/ hoosier trappers outdoors

how to field dress a deer 
w/ steven rinella


how to field dress a bear
w/ Ontario Out of doors

Deer Shot placement 
w/ whitetail properties


black bear shot placement
w/ rattlingjunkie

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