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Tanning & Fur Dressing


european mounts


scenic habitats & dioramas


Custom pieces & commissions








Custom taxidermy

we can turn your harvest into a show stopper! From preserving velvet to padded antlers, Be it shoulder or life size, we can provide a variety of options to bring your trophy to life. Small game, big game, migratory and upland birds, from skinning, to mounting - we do it all.

At this time we are not accepting rugs or fish

Ask us about adding a habitat base to your next piece!

Custom Taxidermy Anchor

tanning & fur


a quality mount starts with a quality tan and we can provide them! although being one of the oldest processes, tanning is a delicate science. If you're looking for a more affordable option than a mount, tanning the hide of your harvest is a great one! Hides can be displayed a variety of ways, hung on the wall or using them as a throw are the most common options! 

Big or small game, our shop is equipped with the right tooling to provide an excellent result.

taxidermists - we are now offering wet tans (Contact for pricelist)

we flesh raw hides!

Tanning & Fur Dressing

european mounts &

Skull whitening

we specialize and take pride in our skulls and european mounts. over my years i have focused on refining and honing this process. this is not a boil in a pot on your stove euro. 

Each skull goes through a rigorous process to ensure that they are properly degreased and will not "grease out" in the future, because Let's be honest; nobody likes yellow skulls. we strive to save the turbinate's and our skulls are completely clean, free of odour and sealed from dust and any other unwanted guests.   

We offer a variety of custom display options to take your skull to the next level! habitat bases (Wall, or tabletop) , driftwood, oak panels are just a few options!

that fresh clean pop, for life. 

European Mounts & Skull Whitening

scenic habitats

& dioramas

Nothing brings a quality mount to life like a scenic habitat! Each habitat is assembled in house and is a one off custom piece designed specifically for your mount. These are not catalogue ordered defaults! 

A simple habitat add-on to a mount can take things to an entirely new level. They aid in removing the "animal popping out of the wall" look and bring a more natural, justified look to your piece. Adding warmth, depth, and character, habitats can provide that museum quality feel at an affordable price!

habitats can be added to any of our taxidermy services! There are many unique ways to display your skulls and mounts from custom habitats for life-size mounts to table top or wall displays for your unique skulls. 

ask us about adding  one to an existing mount or euro!

Scenic Habitats & Dioramas

Custom pieces


Tall tines is a fully licensed fur and animal parts dealer. We have established connections to many different trappers and can source all sorts of furs and skulls for custom pieces! 

These make great additions to any man cave, or cabin, they also make wonderful gifts!

if you're a collector and are looking for a particular skull please contact us for more info! 

If you're looking for some unique, crazy, whacky, one off pieces and have some outlandish ideas... so do we! We would love to hear them!

From time to time we will feature pieces for sale, so check back or follow our instagram to stay updated!

Possession permits are required for all skull sales. 

collectors look no further!

Custom Pieces & Commissions

wet tanning

for taxidermy

As we mentioned above, a great mount starts with a great tan. If you're a taxidermist or a hobby based guy just wanting to take a crack at his own mount, we can provide wet tans!

These tans follow the same processes as our dry tans, however post oil they are measured and frozen. All our tans, including our dry tans, can be rehydrated in the future!

Our shop is equipped with the most modern fleshing and shaving equipment, and our custom tumblers really aid in breaking fur.

we flesh raw hides!

Wet Tanning For Taxidermy

Fur Dealing

Being a licensed fur dealer allows us to offer and source a wide range of furs. if you're looking for a cool throw for your tattoo shop or a conversation starter on the cabin wall, even laid out on the office floor, we got you!

If you're looking for anything in particular please contact us for more info! We would be happy to discuss a variety of options with you.

our already tanned Fur will be listed based on availability




this service is perfect for lodges and outfitters. if your client has come to manitoba to hunt but has their preferred taxidermist in another country or province. we can prepare the harvest, permit, crate and ship the harvest to its desired location.

due to important laws and restrictions, no raw animal parts can be shipped across the border. Skulls must be free and clear of all meat, grimes and grit. Velvet must be in a preserved state, and raw hides must be fleshed, salted and dried. 

our Preparation includes fleshing (turning of eyes, ears, nose, lips and feet), salt and drying, custom crating, shipping, custom documents, export, cites permits and any other required documentation. 

Of course we would be happy to discuss mounting and tanning options with your outdoors people as well!


Fur Dealer
Forwarding Services
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